Pizza catering service

TuttiPizza comes to you with the pizza bus. Always and everywhere.

Anyone who has something to celebrate can always come to us for pizza catering.

It doesn't matter what occasion: birthday, family day, communion party, kids party, garden party, neighborhood party, or sports day.

Keep in mind that TuttiPizza charges a call-out fee depending on the distance.

Fresh pizzas on location

The pizzas are freshly prepared on location and are baked in a real stone oven according to Italian tradition and authentic recipe using only fresh ingredients.

Surprise your guests with delicious freshly baked pizzas and add atmosphere to your party.

Pizza Catering op locatie - TuttiPizza

Curious about our pizzas?

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How does pizza catering work?

Our method is very simple:

Naturally, our pizza bakers take the wishes of the customer into account. Children, who have their own favorite pizzas, are of course also taken into account. The option of gluten-free pizza is also available.

Pizza Tasting

The pizzas are cut into 8 slices and then placed on the table in buffet form. Your guests can thus taste all the different pizza points. In principle, not every guest bakes their own pizza, we can only deviate from this at your request.

You determine the number of pizzas that we bake for you.

We also have budget control, where we can inform you at any time about the interim status of the bill.


- TuttiPizza does not have any packages (such as unlimited food for a fixed amount).

- Afterwards, TuttiPizza clears up all empty pizza boxes.