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Pizza Foodtruck

TuttiPizza comes to you with the pizza bus!

TuttiPizza bakes the tastiest pizzas at your home or on location. When we drive up with our food truck, we provide an unforgettable experience.

It doesn't matter what occasion: birthday, family day, communion party, kids party, garden party, neighborhood party, or sports day.

Surprise your guests with freshly baked pizzas and give your party something extra.

Tuttipizza Pizzabus
Tuttipizza Pizzabus

TuttiPizza at your party?

Anyone who has something to celebrate can always come to us for pizza catering.

The pizzas are freshly prepared on site and are baked in a real stone oven according to Italian tradition and authentic recipe using only fresh ingredients.

Surprise your guests with delicious freshly baked pizzas and add atmosphere to your party.